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A New Year – What Now??

Been almost two years since I had my last post and the break from WordPress has been….refreshing. With this post I’ve decided to take up the writing again, in English, as I am too lazy to rewamp the whole site into Norwegian. The content will be more or less the same and I work more or the articles, especially in the training section, but I might expand into other areas as well.

Keep in mind, this is not a new year resolution – far from it-, but I have missed the writing, plain and simple. Decided to refresh the layout, more or less a winter theme with the field on our farm on the front page picture. I will add more photos later.

The new year started well with a week vacation in Las Palmas during Christmas. We got home on New Years eve so there wasn’t much time to get things ready for the big night. Luckily we were staying at my dads place so the table was set!

I am currently out of job as my contract with Statoil expired in October last year, but I am not too worried as I believe something will eventually come up. I am actually applying for one job today, so we’ll see how that goes.

The training is going pretty good. I am in the final month of a “transition stage” where I have been focusing on getting my bench up. The goal is to have a triple at 145kg at the end of January. It’s a linear progression with two sessions a week. One focusing on the triple topset then the other doing 3 paused singles where the final topset will be next week triple. Simple, but effective. The squat and deadlift are merely tagging along. I focus on triples in the squat and will probably end up with a beltless 180kg, whereas the deadlift will be in the 240-250kg range (single). I will make a dedicated post for the training and the focus for this year later. Overall, I am more than happy with last year progress. The transition from a weightlifting regimen to powerlifting has been easier than I thought.

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Everything has an End

I’ve been offline for some time and while being offline I have finally managed to complete the renovation in the basement. The office is now complete with the furniture. During this time (even though it was a short period) it was nice to not think about blog, internet, work and other things that are computer-focused. I got a notification from WordPress saying that my domain mapping is expiring 1st of April and that I have to renew it. I thought, maybe not… Maybe it is time to stop and use the little time we’ve all got on other things. This doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed blogging the last 4 years, but I don’t enjoy it that much anymore.

The training progress (which is what this blog was all about in the first place) is going well, but to be honest, I like to use my good old-fashioned physical training log book for this purpose. Nothing beats the paper edition.

The site will not close down and my contact page remains intact. I guess if I am coming back, I will definitely be using Norwegian language!

Took myself the liberty to add a photo of my wife at our beach (yes, we actually own a huge part of Bore Beach) staring out in the North Sea.

Everything has an end.


Anders Behring Breivik Vs. Norway

I am tuning in to the court case where the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is suing Norway based on the conditions in his prisons. The trial will end on Friday and most likely Norway will win the case. Today he had his session where he was to elaborate more on what conditions he thinks are not according to the European human rights convention. Most of the time he was referring to politics and not to his own case, which both his defender and judge reminded him of several times. He basically said the the food was poor, especially referring to Fjordland pre-made meals and cold coffee. He then elaborated more on communication issues where most of his letters have been rejected due to the political content. Nevertheless, he has access to TV, computer without internet, Xbox and several newspapers. When it comes to symptoms or clear evidence he has suffered from isolation, he said he had started to like Paradise Hotel and this was a result of being held in isolation.

Many people think it is terrible that he even has the opportunity to file a civil court case against Norway after what he did, but then again it is a testimony that our legal system works. This was pointed out by the attorney where he said they welcomed his law-suit against Norway.

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Fitness Summary Week 10

Had to adjust the weights prior to this week. When I look back, a 10kg increase from each week is too much, especially when you do 4 sessions per week. I am glad I am entering the last week, which is the intense part where weights are ramped up. The bench press is going well. I was struggling a bit on the Friday session, but that was just an overall bad day as Saturday went like a breeze.

Diet needs to improve and sleep is something I definitely need to get more of. I am constantly in pain and feel tired all the time. I know the idea behind this volume part was to increase leg size, but I never imagined that it would have such an impact.

Squat: 4×9 @ 125kg
Bench press: 4×9 @ 100kg

Squat: 5×7 @ 135kg
Bench press: 5×7 @ 107,5kg

Squat: 7×5 @ 142,5kg
Bench press: 7×5 @ 115kg

Squat: 5×3 @ 150kg
Bench press: 10×3 @ 120kg

Happy Hour in Hell ain’t that Fun

I am in the second week of the base mesocycle and did my 5 sets of 7 reps at 145kg yesterday and only managing to complete 3 reps over 5 sets. As a result, I have had to reduce my initial weight from 180kg to 165. The 1RM does not really apply well to a volume program. You should use a 80-90% range of your 1RM as the base for calculations. Of course this was something I forgot to keep in mind when I set it up in the first place; a so-called rookie error.

I have done volume work before as it is typical off-season activity, but I have NEVER EVER EVER faced such a challenge in an off-season training regimen and I can easily understand why some have only done this once. On top of the squatting I am doing the exact same regimen on the benching. So far it is going well and the weights are OK. The 5×7 at 107,5kg went like a breeze yesterday.

Does my legs hurt? Yes, immense pain every day!

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Fitness Summary Week 9

Hell just opened up as this was the start of the base mesocycle that focus entirely on volume. The beginning of the week was OK, but the end was brutal with no rest between Friday and Saturday. The goal was to take 10 sets on Saturday, but my form broke down at the fifth set, so I had to call it a day. I might have to take a day rest between the heavier weights. Bench press went very well. Since I am focusing on the squat and bench only, I will not do too much deadlifting in this period. In order to see how my deadlift was, I decided to do just a heavy topset on Tuesday and it felt very easy! Looks like my deadlift is following the squat, so that is good. What I know for sure is that the squat will never follow deadlift, so if you want to pick a lift that increases both, squat is your lift!

Squat: 4×9 @ 125kg
Bench press: 4×9 @ 90kg

Deadlift: 1x @ 210kg (topset)

Squat: 5×7 @ 135kg
Bench press: 5×7 @ 97,5kg

Squat: 7×5 @ 145kg
Bench press: 7×5 @ 105kg

Squat: 5×3 @ 152,5kg
Bench press: 10×3 @ 110kg